About John Bouhasin

John Bouhasin was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. John Bouhasin graduated St. Louis University High School, St. Louis University College of Arts and Science, and St. Louis University Schools of Law. John immediately began working for the City of St. Louis in the summer of 1997 as an Assistant City Counselor. While with the City of St. Louis, John initially started at Lambert International Airport. His duties included W1W expansion, legal opinions for the Airport Board, Police and Fire Retirement systems. After earning his wings, John transfered to City Hall to represent city officials,city employees, police officers, and the Board of Police Commissioners in federal civil and state civil suits. John Bouhasin continued his service with the City of St. Louis next as a municipal prosecutor. Finally, John founded The Bouhasin Law Firm, P.C., in January of 2006, representing individuals in criminal, traffic, DWI, personal injury and workers’ compensations cases. Attorney John Bouhasin represents a wide array of individuals including bar and alcohol industry workers, numerous St. Louis City police officers, and is a member of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officers Association.